About Me

After graduating in 1992 in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Milan, I worked several years in the plant production sector.

Looking for a life change, I moved to Southampton in 2001, after six months’ travelling experience Down Under.

I always liked painting, since I was a child, and I have tried all different mediums. It was not until in the UK that I saw by chance a painting demonstration in the Bob Ross Technique. Fascinated by the effects achieved on the canvas and mainly for curiosity, I eventually joined the training courses which the company organizes and qualified in Landscape, Floral and Wildlife. I now very much enjoy running workshops in the Bob Ross Technique in my area.

All this has given me a new insight into oil painting and the opportunity to develop my own style, combining traditional oil painting with the wet on wet technique. At last, I had the tools to express my passion for painting and drawing the natural world and its beauty and to transfer it onto the canvas. No other medium has ever offered me the freedom to paint animals and plants in real size creating such big paintings: no more limits to imagination!

Creating the Watership Down collection was, without doubt, a great experience and satisfaction: the final development of an idea that I had probably unconsciously carried in the back of my mind for a very long time, after a Christmas present received as a child so many years ago…