The Collection

21 paintings illustrate the four sections of the book.

In capital letters, the paintings for the first chapter of each section.

In black, black canvases paintings: there is one for each section!

Underlined, the paintings for the first and the last chapters of the book.

Please note: the landscape and buildings in the images depict the places in the story as they exist in the real world. Where fiction meets reality...

Paintings List

Part I: The Journey

  • FIVER’S VISION. Stretched canvas 18x24” (45x60 cm)
  • Chapt.1
  • The Blessing of El-ahrairah. Box canvas 40x60” (100x150 cm)
  • Chapt.6
  • The Crossing. Stretched canvas 12x24” (30x60 cm)
  • Chapt.8
  • The Crow and the Bean Field. Stretched canvas 12x24” (30x60 cm)
  • Chapt.9
  • Across Newtown Churchyard. Stretched canvas 12x24” (30x60 cm)
  • Chapt.10
  • The Shining Wire. Box canvas 36x48” (90x120 cm)
  • Chapt.17

Part II: On Watership Down

  • THE WHOLE WORLD. Box canvas 40x60” (100x150 cm)
  • Chapt.18
  • Fear in the Dark. Box canvas 36x48” (90x120 cm)
  • Chapt.19
  • Kehaar. Box canvas 36x48” (90x120 cm)
  • Chapt.23
  • Nuthanger Farm. Box canvas 36x48” (90x120 cm)
  • Chapt.24
  • Fiver Beyond. Box canvas 36x48” (90x120 cm)
  • Chapt.26

Part III: Efrafa

  • A NEW JOURNEY. Box canvas 40x60”(100x150 cm)
  • Chapt.30
  • El-ahrairah and the Black Rabbit of Inle’. Box canvas 30x40” (75x100 cm)
  • Chapt.31
  • The Great River, the Plank Bridge and the Punt. Box canvas 36x48” (90x120 cm)
  • Chapt.33
  • General Woundwort. Box canvas 40x60” (100x150 cm)
  • Chapt.34
  • Bigwig and the Does. Box canvas 24x30” (60x75 cm)
  • Chapt.36

Part IV: Hazel-rah

  • THE LOWER BRIDGE. Box canvas 40x60” (100x150 cm)
  • Chapt.39
  • Hazel and the Mouse. Box canvas 20x16” (40x50 cm)
  • Chapt.42
  • Bigwig Stands his Ground. Box canvas 24x30” (60x75 cm)
  • Chapt.46
  • The Sky Suspended. Box canvas 72x24” (180x60 cm)
  • Chapt.47
  • The First Primroses. Box canvas 24x30” (60x75 cm)
  • Epilogue