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Box canvas 36x48” (90x120cm)

“It was early morning and the rabbits were beginning to silflay, coming up into clear, grey silence. The air was still chilly. There was a good deal of dew and no wind…
...With the melting of the last of the twilight there grew a kind of expectancy and tension…
...Then the whole down and all below it, earth and air, gave way to the sunrise.”

After combing their ears, Bigwig and Silver hopped away towards the grass of the gallop and approaching a little hollow, they found a savage and fierce bird. It couldn’t fly and suddenly burst into very loud cries that made them turn and run. They collected themselves before approaching the beech hanger and Hazel came to meet them. They explained about the bird and Hazel wanted to see it.
In the background, the beech hanger at dawn (inspired by real photos).

Part 2 On Watership Down
From Chapter 23: Kehaar

By kind permission of Richard Adams

Bigwig and Silver returned with Hazel. The three of them squatted outside the bird’s reach as it looked sharply and desperately from one to the other. Hazel spoke in the hedge-row patois.

“You hurt? You no fly?”

“Come keel – kah! kah! – you come keel – yark! - t’ink me finish – me no finish - ‘urt you dam’ plenty -”

- Aldo Galli -