Fiver’s Vision
Mon 27th Jul 2009 at 21:56:48
Stretched canvas 18x24” (45x60cm)

At first, it wasn’t exactly danger that Fiver seemed to feel about the place: it was something oppressive, like thunder and it worried him. Then, in the light of the sunset he saw the opposite field covered in blood: something terrible was coming to the warren!

Part 1 The Journey
From Chapter 1: The Notice Board.

By kind permission of Richard Adams

A little way in front of them, the ground had been freshly disturbed. Two piles of earth lay on the grass. Heavy posts, reeking of creosote and paint, towered up as high as the holly trees in the hedge, and the board they carried threw a long shadow across the top of the field. Near one of the posts, a hammer and a few nails had been left behind.
The two rabbits went up to the board at a hopping run and crouched in a patch of nettles on the far side, wrinkling their noses at the smell of a dead-cigarette end somewhere in the grass. Suddenly Fiver shivered and cowered down.

“Oh Hazel! This is where it comes from! I know now – something very bad! Some terrible thing – coming closer and closer”.

“What sort of thing – what do you mean? I thought you said there was no danger?”

“I don’t know what it is” answered Fiver wretchedly.
“There isn’t any danger here , at this moment. But it’s coming – it’s coming!
Oh, Hazel, look! The field! It’s covered with blood!”

- Aldo Galli -