Across Newtown Churchyard
Wed 29th Jul 2009 at 21:55:40
Stretched canvas 12x24” (30x60cm)

The church of St. Mary the Virgin with St John the Baptist stands along the A34 to Newbury. After crossing the river Enborne and sleeping in the bean field, the rabbits crossed the road and made their way through the churchyard towards Newtown Common…

Part 1 The Journey
From Chapter 10: The Road and the Common

By kind permission of Richard Adams

“Well, it will be dark soon” said Hazel. “Come on, let’s get across. As far as I can see, this road’s no good to us at all. Now that I have learnt about it, I want to get away from it as soon as I can”.

By moonrise they had made their way through Newtown churchyard, where a little brook runs between the lawns and under the path…

- Aldo Galli -