The Whole World
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Box canvas 40x60” (100x150cm)

The perilous journey to the hills had come to an end and the band of rabbits had reached the foot of the down. The sun was setting.
Hazel organized an expedition to climb the down and find out what the top looked like. He picked Dandelion and Hawkbit who seemed less weary than the others. And once on the top, Hazel and Dandelion could see the whole world!

This is the very landscape they would have seen and you can see too looking north from the top of Watership Down.
This is the most famous view in the story carefully reproduced in every detail!

You can identify the real land marks in the landscape: Sydmonton Estate on the left and the Laundry Cottages, the Fossick Cottages, the road towards Kingsclere the rabbits crossed in order to reach the farm, the pylon line and the lane that goes up the hill where Nuthanger Farm lies.

Fiver had been right: up here, in the solitude of the down they would have spotted anything approaching from any direction. After the joy of the discovery, Hazel and Dandelion realized that Hawkbit was not with them: surely he had gone back! But Hawkbit stopped by a clump of trees finding some deserted rabbit holes: a rough but safe shelter for the night!

“…a lucky find that brought them at last to the downs: and probably saved a life or two; for they could hardly have spent the night in the open, either on or under the hill, without being attacked by some enemy or other.

You can spot him under the trees on the left, just before disappearing down the holes…

Part 2 On Watership Down
From Chapter 18: Watership Down

By kind permission of Richard Adams

They climbed not over but through the sun-red grass… They peered over ant-hills and looked cautiously round clumps of teazle

...As Hazel still went up, the south wind began to blow and the June sunset reddened the sky to the zenith...
...“Oh Frith, – thought Hazel, turning his head for a moment to the bright glow in the west – are you sending us to live among the clouds?”...

...At this moment he saw Dandelion, who had run well ahead, squatting on an ant-hill clear against the sky. Alarmed, he dashed forward. “Dandelion, get down!” he said. “Why are you sitting up there?”

“Because I can see,” replied Dandelion with a kind of excited joy. “Come and look! You can see the whole world!”

Hazel came up to him. There was another ant-hill nearby and he copied Dandelion, sitting upright on his hind legs and looking about him. He realized now that they were almost on level ground...
..They were on the top of the down. Perched above the grass, they could see far in every direction...

...Fiver had been right. Up here, they would have clear warning of any approach.
The wind ruffled their fur and tugged at the grass, which smelt of thyme and self-heal. The solitude seemed like a release and a blessing...

...“Oh Frith on the hills!” cried Dandelion. “He must have made it for us!”
“He may have made it, but Fiver thought of it for us,” answered Hazel…

- Aldo Galli -