Bigwig and the Does
Mon 14th Nov 2011 at 16:26:33
Box canvas 24x30” (60x75 cm)

With a stroke of luck, Bigwig is in the same Mark as Hyzenthlay and Thethuthinnang, the leaders of the group of does that went to the Council, asking permission to leave Efrafa.
The plan to escape from Efrafa with a group of does is taking shape and Bigwig shows Hyzenthlay and Thethuthinnang the way.
Along side Bigwig, the picture depicts the two main female characters of the story.

Part 3 Efrafa
From Chapter 36: Approaching Thunder

By kind permission of Richard Adams

As soon as Chervil had left him, Bigwig went to look for Hyzenthlay. He found her in the hollow with Thethuthinnang. Most of the Mark did not appear to be unduly affected by the thunder, which was still distant, as Chervil had said. The two does, however, were subdued and nervous. Bigwig told them what he had arranged with Kehaar.
”But will this bird really attack the sentries?” asked Thethuthinnang. ”I’ve never heard of anything like that.”
”It will, I promise you. Get the does together as soon as silflay begins this evening. When I come out with Blackavar, the sentries will be running for cover.”
”And which way do we run?” asked Thethuthinnang.
Bigwig took them well out into the field, so that they could see the distant arch in the embankment about four hundred yards away.

- Aldo Galli -